We LOVE Mario Kart! Join us for our Weekly Tournaments and Leagues on The Nintendo Switch! Battle players from across the country in the classic racing game for prizes!

Upcoming Games

Register here and get ready to battle with stars, shells, and those blasted bananas! Open to all levels of game play.

*All game times are EST

How it Works

• Registration closes one day prior to the start of a league and two hours before the start of a tournament. For late registration contact info@vologaming.com.

• At least 30 minutes before game time, players will receive a Welcome Email with the tournament code.

• There are two types of Mario Karts within Volo Gaming: Leagues & Tournaments.

 To join a tournament in Mario Kart: Go to Online Play (1p/2p) > Tournaments > Search by Code. Once you enter the code you may enter the league races.

 For in game chat and host communication join the Volo Discord

Volo Discord –  https://discord.gg/pRhmbam |Mario Kart Voice Channel –  https://discord.gg/enhdNMT 

• Scores are kept in-game. For multiple day events scores are updated into Rivall standings within 24 hours of the night’s races.

• For events that are eligible for prizes, the Volo Host will reach out directly to those who qualify upon completion of the event. Volo Credits will be applied directly to the player account. Cash prizes may be processed via Rivall, PayPal or Venmo. Prizes are not eligible for every game.

* Game times and schedules are subject to change. 

Mario Kart Formats

Showdown Tournaments

• Registrants will receive Tournament Code via our Discord (join or download during registration). YOU MUST BE LOGGED INTO DISCORD to obtain the code.  

• For in-game updates use our Voice Channel “ Mario Kart Voice“.

• 12 race tournament with aggregate scoring (your total score from every race).

 • The tournament will be hosted for approx 2 hours but total game time is approximately 1 hour. Players should log in and join right at the scheduled tournament at the starting time (EST) to join the first race.

Weekly Leagues (Team Play)

• This is a weekly league where players compete every Monday and Wednesday night in a tournament. Each day of play will be treated as a “week” – Races on Monday are “Week 1”, races on Wednesday are “Week 2”. The league is 6 days over 3 weeks.

• Players can register as an individual and be placed onto a team or with a group of 1-2 friends. Players will be divided into teams of three, your combined points is the team score (For example: 1st place = 12pt, 3rd place = 10pt, 9th place = 4pt. Total Team Score = 26pt). Scores are calculated after each event and your weekly results are posted in the standings on Rivall or the Volo App.

Mario Kart Rules & Details

Only paid and registered players may compete for the prizes. You must use your registered team name as your character name in the race. If you’re unsure how to do this please contact league support when registering or joining the game.

12 race tournament with aggregate scoring (your total score from every race). Your team’s total score will be calculated at the end of the event.  

The tournament will be hosted for 2 hours. Players should log in and join right at the scheduled tournament start time to join the first race. If you are late or have to leave the group you may reenter but can only race with another league player. If you are “standed on a planet” please contact league support via Discord.

Game Settings
Tournament Mode: 150cc
• Leagues Mode: Week 1 – 100cc Week 2 – 150cc Week 3 – 200cc Tournament – 150cc
• Teams: Yes
•  Items: Normal Items
• COM: Normal COM
• Vehicles: All Vehicles
•  Smart Steering: OK
• Race Count: 12 Races
• Group shuffling: On for leagues/tournaments over 12 racers