Are you ready to play Double Dare, Jeopardy, and Minute To Win It all from your couch?! Volo Game Show is the game that will give you a workout, test your knowledge and put you head-to-head against an opponent in silly but challenging competitions.

This team-based game is played via Zoom and hosted by the closest version of Alex Trebek we could find. Get ready to run around your house looking for random items, dancing and maybe (probably) some Flip Cup!

Upcoming Leagues

General games: 21+ | Party Edition: Weekends w/more social rules | Family Edition: Kid-friendly
Teams do not have to be located in the same location to play together!
Registration closes 2 hours before game time. All times are Eastern.

How to Sign Up


We will place you with a small group and/or other free agents to form a full team after the registration closes.

If you have a friend that decides to sign up just have them note to be put on the same team as you!

Small Group
2-4 players

Yes! You can sign up together even if you do not have a full team!

Have Captain “create team” & Note Estimated Players

Teammates Join “team” (Before registration deadline)

Once Registration is closed we will merge you with other small groups and free-agents

complete team
5-12 players

Full teams are 5-12 players.

If you do not meet this minimum your team will be merged with free agents.

A Captain must create a team and all the team members must “join” the team.

The Captain can pay for everyone or you can split up the fee’s among team members.

How it Works

• Your team will receive a Welcome Email from your host containing game details, rules, and the Zoom game link at least a half hour before game time.

•  Teams are encouraged to use the Volo app or the group chat app of their preference to communicate during the game. There will be times when teams want to discuss strategy or talk over answers before submitting them to the Game Host.

•  The scores are live on the game board for every player to view during the game.

•  For events that are eligible for prizes the Volo Host will reach out directly to those who qualify upon completion of the event. Volo Credits will be applied directly to the player account.

Game Show Rules & Details

• Zoom will open 30 minutes before game time for team socials! Meet and hang with your teammates and opponents – Happy Half Hour!
All players should be logged into Zoom 10 minutes prior to game time to ensure your team’s lineup.
Teams take turns choosing different valued categories from the gameboard. Each team member will select a category on their turn but the action/question may involve one or more teammates including whole team plays.
• Players will get 60 seconds to complete the action or answer their questions.
• Round one ends once half of the lineups have completed their turn.
•  Round 2 continues through the lineup until every player has gone on the largest team.
• Scores are kept on the scoreboard to view during the game.
• Questions are read twice, players may take notes on their own. Teams can communicate via the Volo App or their preferred group chat system. Not everyone may know each other so make sure to connect during the pregame Happy Half Hour to exchange info.
• Final Round – teams will wager their points w/ the host privately before the challenge/question. The entire team will participate in the Final Round.

Volo Game Show Private Parties

Transform Your Next Party, Happy Hour or Event with Volo Game Show!
Game Show private event pricing starts at $200

• 3-4 Teams (5-8 People Per Team)
• Dedicated Volo Host
• Choose Between Family or Party Edition