Play with a virtual team from anywhere in the world via Zoom in Volo Trivia!

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Trivia!

Keep calm and Disney on – get the squad together and choose between themes like Villains and Princesses, ‘Drink Around the World’ Epcot Edition, General Disney & more. 

All Volo Trivias consist of four regular rounds, four bonus rounds and one final round. Team sizes can range from one to eight players. Teams can play together from anywhere! Each team will have their own private video chat room to deliberate answers. Trivia “Volumes” indicate a different sets of questions and do not need to be played in order. 

? NEW! Disney Trivia League  ?
Tuesdays Beginning June 16th

4-week league with accumulated points. Only one team will win! If you had a collection of the Disney classic blockbusters growing up, this one’s for you. Register a full team or sign up as a free agent.


Upcoming Trivia

Registration for all Trivia closes 2 hours before game time. All times listed below are EST.
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How to Sign Up 


To play trivia you must register as a team even if you are flying solo!

A Captain must create a team and all the team members must “join” the team.

The Captain can pay for everyone or you can split up the fee among team members.

Registered players only.

Trivia Rules & Details

Pre-Game Details

Registration closes 2 hours prior to the start of the game. Once registration closes, all registered players will be sent a welcome email including the Zoom link & team scoresheet.

Zoom will open 30 minutes before game time for a “Happy Half Hour” where you can hang with your teammates.

All players should be logged into Zoom 10 minutes prior to game time to ensure every player is assigned to their private team room.

In-Game Details

4 regular rounds, 4 bonus rounds and 1 final round.

Each question is worth 1 point (unless otherwise noted).

If needed, there will be one tiebreaker question.

Scores and standings will be read aloud 3 times throughout the game.

Questions are read once and shown on the Game Screen, players may take notes on their scorecard.

Once the questions are read your team will enter their team room for 3 or 6 minutes, dependent on the round. Hosts will indicate how long you will have for deliberation prior to each round.

Every team has a scoresheet in which to take notes and submit final answers.